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Notices To Mariners
Update 26/09/23
Please note that Victorian Toilets, operated by Argyll & Bute Council will shut at 18:00 daily for the winter period.

The Rothesay Harbour Master has issued the following notice:
Following a recent incident at Rothesay Harbour, when no fewer than Seven Charter Yachts attempted to enter the Harbour whilst the Harbour was closed and Harbour Closed Signals were displayed, I am asking for your assistance in reducing the chances of such a situation happening in future.Regrettably the situation was compounded by the fact that no attempt was made to contact the Harbour Watch Office by VHF or Telephone.
Please observe the safety rules when entering or leaving the harbour. Click here to view the safety rules.

Click here for harbour & pier information, as issued and updated from time to time by Argyll & Bute Council


Update 07/05/23
Inner Harbour Pontoons - Maximum Length change
The admission of longer vessels to the Inner Harbour, up to a maximum of 16 metres / 52 feet OAL, is at the discretion of the Marina Master and the Harbour Master.
In the first instance telephone the Marina Master for current availability and the Harbour Master on arrival in Rothesay Bay.

Update 29/04/23
Outer Harbour Pontoons now open

The Outer Harbour Pontoons are now open and available for visiting mariners.

Please note that the bridge to the Inner Harbour will remain down whilst Calmac ferries are at the pier, to allow foot passengers to access the pier buildings and the ticket office.

Update 05/04/23
Shower & Toilet Facilities
Please note the following:

Argyll & Bute Council now have responsibility for the shower & toilet facilities, based in the Victorian Toilets on Rothesay Pier.

Opening hours are now extended to 0800 - 2000 hours daily until further notice.

Update 18/02/23
Health, Safety & Security Notice
Please note the following:

Visitors are asked to note that vessels may not be left unattended overnight without the prior consent of the Marina Master.

Update 07/02/23
The 2023-24 Berthing rates have now been published and are effective from 1st April 2023 until 31st March 2024. A copy may be downloaded from this website.

Welcome to
Rothesay Marina
Rothesay Harbour Pontoons are managed by Bute Berthing Company Ltd. who wish you a most enjoyable stay.
We have pontoon berths in the Inner & Outer Harbours.
The Outer Harbour pontoons were renewed and re-opened for the 2023 season.

Inner Harbour pontoon berths are accessed via the lifting bridge on the quay which is the main access route for ferry pedestrians.

Access to the Inner Harbour is available upon request to the Harbour Master subject to the operating schedule of Calmac Ferries & other larger vessels using the pier.
Please contact the Harbour Master's Office on VHF Channel 12 or by telephone on 01700 503842 to book your entry or exit time.
The bridge remains lowered during  ferry arrival times for foot passengers.

Traffic lights at the Harbour entrance must be obeyed when entering or leaving the Harbour

Please do not use sea toilets within the harbours.
Showers and disabled toilets are situated within the Victorian Toilets on Rothesay Pier and are operated by Argyll & Bute Council.
Facilities are accessible by key code, available from the Berthing Master.

Rubbish bins are located on the Middle Pier. Bottled Gas from Bute Tools in Montague Street & Mill Street Garden Centre, Mill Street, Rothesay.

Regular bus services operate from Guildford Square opposite the Marina and restaurants & pubs are located within easy walking distance of the Marina.  Cash points at TSB & Bank of Scotland in Montague Street, Clydesdale Bank in the High Street  & Royal Bank of Scotland on Victoria Street.

As you approach the harbour, please contact Rothesay Harbourmaster on VHF Channel 12 to request the bridge to be opened if you require access to the inner harbour. A small area of shallower water alongside the main pier of the inner harbour will be clearly marked.

Contact the Berthing Master on VHF Ch 37, Marina Ch1, Ch 16 or on Mobile: 07799 724225


Rothesay Marina is operated by Bute Berthing Company Ltd., a non-profit company, on behalf of Argyll & Bute Council.
All directors are volunteers and receive no renumeration.
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