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Notices To Mariners
Updated 14 August 2021

Following a meeting this week, between the board of Bute Berthing Company Ltd and officers from the Marine Operations department of Argyll & Bute Council, we are pleased to advise that plans are in place to complete the pontoon replacement in the Outer Harbour.

The results of the ground investigation survey should be available at the end of August/early September.

This will allow a solution to be be agreed to re-install the piles and pontoons and comnplete the refurbishment of facilities within the Outer Harbour.

A further update will be available in approximately four weeks time.

11 August 2021


The passenger footbridge will remain down after the last ferry at 2000 hours on 12th August 2021.

The bridge will be lifted after the first ferry departing at 0635 on Friday 13th August 2021

09 August 2021

Argyll & Bute Council have issued the following NTM effective from today, 09 August 2021:


Rothesay Harbour
Notice to Mariners 03 /21
Investigation Works
Mariners are advised that Investigation Drilling works are planned from Monday 9th   August until around the end of August 2021 in the Outer Harbour.

Investigation   works will be conducted by Coastworks barge along with tug and safety boat.
Rothesay   Harbour can be contacted on VHF channel 12.
Steven Neilson
Harbour Master
Rothesay Harbour
(t) 01700 503842
Valid from 9th August 2021
Issued 8th August 2021

18 July 2021

Guidance notes for marina users are now available on this web site.

We sent a further reminder on 8 July 2021, to Argyll & Bute Council regarding an update on the new pontoon project. As of 18 July 2021 we still await a response.

As soon as we have further news regarding the installation of the new piles and pontoons, we will update this website.

Toilet and shower facilities are now available at the Victorian Toilets on Rothesay Pier.

24/7 access is available to visiting mariners.

Please request the access code from the Marina Master when checking in.

Updated 22nd June 2021

The Inner Harbour is operating normally.

There are berths available on a first come, first served basis due to restricted capacity.

We are still awaiting an update from Argyll & Bute Council regarding the piling works in the Outer Harbour.

UPDATED 30/05/21

The piling works in the outer harbour have been halted. Following an email to the Council we have received the following statement :

The Chief Executive has passed your email on to me to provide you with an update.

The key point to understand here is that contractually the ground condition risk in this project sits entirely with the contractor, not with the Council.

This is a design and build contract where the Council specifies its requirements and the contractor then designs and takes forward a solution.

If the contractor designs a solution which is undeliverable because of, for example, ground conditions, that is their error and their responsibility to rectify.

The current position is that the contractor has highlighted a ground condition issue to us and we are working with them to find a solution.

We have to follow the terms of our contract. Without getting into the specific contractual detail, what this basically means is that contractually there is a period of another week for communications, and the contractor can use this to provide us with an acceptable solution to take this project forward.

It remains our desire to have the pontoons installed via a piled method, which is ultimately easier and therefore more cost effective in terms of future maintenance.

We will provide further information and likely timescales on the successful delivery of the project once our discussions with the contractor conclude.

I will have a discussion with the team and someone will be in touch with you separately to set up regular meetings to discuss the progress of this project and the opportunities for the future.

Kind regards,

Jim Smith
Head of Roads and Infrastructure Services
Argyll and Bute Council

We will issue a further update as soon as it is received.
Welcome to
Rothesay Marina
Rothesay Harbour Pontoons are managed by Bute Berthing Company Ltd. who wish you a most enjoyable stay. We have pontoon berths in the Inner & Outer Harbours.

Inner Harbour pontoon berths are accessed via the lifting bridge on the quay which is the main access route for ferry pedestrians.

Access to the Inner Harbour is via the lifting bridge which will be raised upon request to the Harbour Master subject to the operating schedule of Calmac Ferries & other larger vessels using the pier.

Please contact the Harbour Master's Office on VHF Channel 12 or by telephone on 01700 503842 to book your entry or exit time. The bridge remains lowered during  ferry arrival times for foot passengers.

Traffic lights at the Harbour entrance must be obeyed when entering or leaving the Harbour

Toilets & showers are operated by Bute Victoriana Ltd accessible 24/7 by key code, available from the Berthing Master. Showers and disabled toilets are situated within the Victorian Toilets on Rothesay Pier.

Please do not use sea toilets within the harbours

Rubbish bins are located on the Middle Pier. Bottled Gas from Bute Tools in Montague Street & Mill Street Garden Centre, Mill Street, Rothesay.

Regular bus services operate from Guildford Square opposite the Marina and restaurants & pubs are located within easy walking distance of the Marina.  Cash points at TSB & Bank of Scotland in Montague Street, Clydesdale Bank in the High Street  & Royal Bank of Scotland on Victoria Street.

As you approach the harbour, please contact Rothesay Harbourmaster on VHF Channel 12 to request the bridge to be opened if you require access to the inner harbour. A small area of shallower water alongside the main pier of the inner harbour will be clearly marked.

Contact the Berthing Master on VHF Ch 37, Marina Ch1, Ch 16 or on Mobile: 07799 724225


Rothesay Marina is operated by Bute Berthing Company Ltd., a non-profit company, on behalf of Argyll & Bute Council.
All directors are volunteers and receive no renumeration.
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