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Guidance Notes for Marina Users

GUIDANCE FOR MARINA USERS – Updated 9 February 2023

Welcome to Rothesay Marina, which is managed by the Bute Berthing Company Ltd., on behalf of Argyll & Bute Council.
Bute Berthing Company Ltd., is a not-for-profit company, run by a board of volunteer directors who are not paid for their services.

We wish you a most enjoyable stay in Rothesay Marina.
Following some complaints regarding excessive noise at night and other issues, we are setting out some basic guidance to make your visit relaxing and enjoyable.

  1. The maximum length of vessels using the Inner Harbour is 14 metres. Please see the NTM No 1 of 2023 issued by Rothesay Harbourmaster

  2. Please do not pump out sea toilets in the Inner Harbour.

  3. Toilet & shower facilities are available free of charge at the Victorian Toilets on the main pier.
    These facilities are owned and managed by Argyll & Bute Council and are not under the direct control of Bute Berthing Company Ltd.
    If you experience any issues please report them to the Marina Master and the Rothesay Harbour Master. You can obtain the pass code for the Victorian Toilets  from the Marina staff when paying for your berth.
    If you experience any problems with the toilet and shower facilities, please report this to the Marina Master on the contact form on this link and to Argyll & Bute Council direct on this link
    Your comments will be forwarded to Argyll & Bute Council who are responsible for operating the Victorian Toilets.

  4. Rubbish bins are provided on the Middle Pier for refuse and for recycling of bottles, cans and plastics. Please do not dispose of rubbish overboard.

  5. Please be mindful of other boat users when returning to your boat, excessive noise and all-night partying are not considerate to other marina users.

  6. Most of our visitors are very considerate of other boat users. Since Rothesay Marina is a family marina, it should be noted that Bute Berthing Company operate a zero tolerance policy regarding anti-social behaviour. Offenders will be asked to leave the Marina and may be excluded in the future. If you experience problems with other boats, please advise the Marina Master, who will issue appropriate advice. In serious cases, please call the local police and request them to attend.

  7. If you have a diesel or oil spillage, please advise the Marina staff and the Rothesay Harbourmaster.

  8. Marina dues are payable in advance. Long term berth holders will also be charged in arrears for electricity consumed.  We also offer monthly payment arrangements for long-term berth holders.

  9. Long term berth holders must show evidence of current insurance for their vessel including third party risks at the time of booking the berth.

  10. Short stays are charged for stays not exceeding 4 hours up till 6.00pm. If you wish to stay overnight, the difference between a short stay and the overnight rate for your vessel is payable.

  11. At present, due to circumstances outside our control, we are unable to offer long term summer or residential berthing

Rothesay Marina is operated by Bute Berthing Company Ltd., a non-profit company, on behalf of Argyll & Bute Council.
All directors are volunteers and receive no renumeration.
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