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  1. The Inner Harbour will be closed on the following dates due to musters:


         16 June - 20 July - 10 & 11 August - 1, 7 8 & 15 September

  1. There is an ongoing fault with the bridge lights. Vessels leaving the Inner Harbour have priority. It is essential to await leave to proceed from the Harbour Master. Please use VHF Channel 12 to request permission to proceed.

  1. The West Pontoon is still closed UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE and under repair

  1. Draft restrictions continue to apply in both the Inner & Outer Harbours. Please check your requirements with the Berthing Master

  1. Mariners are reminded to exercise care when entering and leaving the harbour. Red & green traffic light signals located at the harbour entrance are in operation under the control of the Harbour Master.

  1. Please call Rothesay Harbourmaster on VHF Channel 12 to request permission to enter or leave the harbour.

  1. Outgoing vessels ALWAYS have priority. Stand off and await permission from the Harbourmaster to enter the harbour.